November 19, 2017

AD Supplies Makes A Green Growth Pledge

We are pleased to announce, that in line with one of our corporate responsibility targets, “Improving Green Credentials”,  we have made our very own Green Growth Pledge.

Comments from the management team

Graham Dixon (Director), recounts his first introduction to the Green Growth Pledge. “We were made aware of the Green Growth Pledge (GGP) after meeting with and working with The Growth Hub’s ‘Low Carbon Sector’ advisers. ( Our business has a deep passion to help other businesses to find ways to better recycle their waste streams. Making this formal pledge to manage our own activity in a green and responsible manner is a natural undertaking. We’re grateful to the Growth Hub for sharing with us how to make a formal pledge. The GGP tool on the Growth Hub’s website is helpful, easy to use and a great way to track the progress of each specific item of our pledge”, he recalls.

David Pierpoint (Senior Consultant) added, “Our pledge isn’t over complicated and with a bit of effort and planning will be achievable. Our pledge will help us to review and improve our environmental policy. It will help us to focus on buying goods and services from like minded low carbon vendors. I think our culture will grow in the right directions as the company grows. We will consider how to save energy and reduce carbon emissions in our work environment and operations. This is achieved by doing simple things. Powering down equipment and lights that aren’t being used. Making green travel plans for journeys to work and to off site meetings are all part of the pledge. Optimising our use of heating and air conditioning in the work place and investigating if an alternative energy supply, e.g. solar power, is something we can instal on the premises. All of our employees will engage in all aspects of the pledge. It’s something we’re proud to talk about with our customers and suppliers”.